Rotaract Mentorship Meeting

Manuel Leon
Manuel Leon Rotary

The speed-mentoring session is the kickstarter event for the 2024 Rotaract-Rotary mentorship program. As a Rotarian, support emerging leaders to help build their confidence, self-awareness, professional skills, network and develop a greater understanding of their potential as a Rotaractor to influence and motivate others. As a Rotaractor, meet accomplished leaders willing to share their experience, encourage you and provide you with constructive feedback. The evening, organized as a speed-networking event, will allow Rotarians and Rotaractors to meet each others with multiple 1-on-1 conversations and create pairs by the end of the evening.

Statut de l'événement
Réservé (sur invitation uniquement)
Engagement citoyen
Nom de l'institution organisatrice
Rotaract Genève International